ZenBench in Maple A Meditation Bench for All Seasons

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If you wish meditate in a comfortable and relaxed meditation posture, consider using a bench that will adjust in height and angle. The ZenBench allows you to meditate using different settings until you find what is best for you.

Many years of teaching people how to meditate, using a cushion or a bench, have made it abundantly clear that everyone has specific preferences on how best to distribute body weight so that one is stable, rooted, and comfortable.

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Meditation posture is not static, and a bench with a fixed height and angle cannot accomodate the subtle changes in your body. You can vary the height/angle of the ZenBench to shift the workload to a different set of muscles. This is sound ergonomic practice.

ZenBench will accomodate changes in your flexibility and can be tuned to the precise height/angle that is most comfortable for you.

Regular meditation on the ZenBench will make your knees more flexible. As your knees and hips are able to flex more, you will gradually lower the benchtop and settle into a more grounded posture.

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The first ZenBench was made for a friend who had irreparably damaged her ACL ligament. When adjusted high, the bench rose to 15 inches! Over months, as her knees improved, she lowered the bench in small increments. After a year I built her a lower ZenBench, and she was able to resume going to meditation retreats. Today she alternates between using a ZenBench and a round cushion (zafu). She considers the ZenBench a training tool that enabled her to progressively re-establish a grounded and comfortable meditation posture.

--Andy Afable, inventor and maker of ZenBench

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